At Vancouver Weed Co., we are committed to bringing you high-quality marijuana facilityplants and extracts. Our plants are carefully selected to provide only the best experience and quality that is available. We also continue to be dedicated to developing new plants and strains that will push the envelope in the cannabis community.

Vancouver Weed Company was founded in 2014 and is a proud family owned business. Our company began out of a respect and passion for cannabis and the numerous benefits it provides. We are committed to providing our plants with the best organic nutrients and growing environment to thrive and develop. All of our buds and extracts are produced in an brand-new indoor facility located in Pacific County, WA. We continue to take our role among Washington state’s pioneering cannabis growers very seriously as we strive to be a leader in both quality and standards.

We are also happy to partner with several other premium marijuana brands. Our limited edition Deluxe Vapor Pens are a sleek option for anyone interested in CO2 cannabis extracts.

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