Vancouver Weed Co. is a Washington State I-502 Marijuana Grower and Processor. We are a proud family owned business whose main mission is grow high quality, connoisseur grade marijuana while continuing to push the envelope in every way. We are operated out of Pacific County, WA, in a brand-new, climate controlled facility, right next to the beautiful Pacific Ocean .

We maintain high principles for our cannabis and happily pass even the most rigorous testing standards. Our cannabis is grown using five times filtered rain water with an organic nutrient program that is designed to deliver the best qualities and flavors nature can provide. Currently, we have strains that have tested from 13% to 23% and understand the many other factors that go into exceptional cannabis. Flavor, terpin profile ,smell, and effect are the main focuses of our plant selection process and ensure that you are buying a complete, well rounded product that will meet your needs.

At Vancouver Weed Company, we also specialize in superior CO2 cannabis extracts. Using a proprietary process of extraction and processing, we are able to create products that are like nothing else on the market. While many of our competitors leave something to be desired in the taste department or may even add flavoring, at VWC we only offer pure and clean extracts in the form the they were intended to be. Our process has allowed us to preserve more of the taste and essence from the flower and has created an amazing product.

Our currently available strains are: Skywalker, Sour Urkle, Lambs Bread, Gorilla Glue #4, Super Jack